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Wesley Long Entrance Improvements
WSAA developed construction drawings and technical specifications for the realignment of the entrance drive at Wesley Long Hospital. The drive is being redesigned in order to provide better access to parking areas and the emergency and cancer center entrances. In addition to roadway improvements, landscaping features and signage are being designed to improve the pedestrian experience on the campus. Existing parking areas are being revised and expanded.
Proehlific Park
Proehlific Park boasts three baseball fields, three outdoor multipurpose fields, an indoor multipurpose field, batting cages, basketball/volleyball courts, weight training areas as well as study areas. The site was developed with high density and low density portions and includes three bioretention cells for stormwater management. Permitting through both Guilford County and the City of Greensboro was required. Public sidewalk extensions and left and right turn lanes were designed.
Coble Transportation Center
WSAA developed the master plan, construction drawings and technical specifications for the new intermodal campus incorporating a 2,200 sf passenger terminal, 17,000 sf 7-bay maintenance facility and 16 covered bus slips on 9.5 acres. During the master planning phase, we assisted in site selection in order to combine multiple lots into a developable site. The site work included a stream crossing and large biocell along with associated parking and utilities.
Paul J Ciener Botanical Garden
WSAA provided civil engineering to support the design team in the development of this urban garden featuring 15 gardens, including kitchen garden, Japanese garden, pattern garden, water garden and the largest spring-flowering bulb display in the Triad. Civil engineering included ADA access throughout the gardens, a unique stormwater management and cistern system and site design including parking and utilities for the restaurant and visitor center.
GTCC Handicap Ramp
This project is located along one of GTCC’s most traveled pedestrian corridors on campus. Currently that corridor is not easily handicap accessible. Our design involves removing the existing stairs and planter and replacing them with a handicap ramp and new stairs. This project is complicated by the presence of an underground corridor that connects two buildings in the area of the existing stairs. 3D renderings aided in insuring the design would fit within the existing campus architecture.
GTCC Master Plan Update
GTCC undertook a project to Master Plan all four of its campuses.This project involved inventory and condition assessment of all of it’s current infrastructure as well as looking at the possibility of future expansion and the impacts of that expansion. Westcott, Small & Associates was tasked with evaluating all of the on-site utilities including water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer, parking, sidewalks, landscaping and water quality devices.
Randleman Dam Wetlands Remediation
WSAA provided civil engineering and inspection services at Hickory Creek (and a similar project at Reddick’s Creek) for a weland remediation project due to wetland disturbance associated with the construction of Randleman Lake. The project involved the design of an innovative water control structure that allowed for the creation and maintenance of 46 acres of wetlands, and the associated erosion control plan.
Demolition of Old Postal Facility
In order to allow for future mixed use development, WSAA was contracted to provide construction plans and specifications for the $1 million demolition of the former postal sorting facility at 900 E. Market Street in Greensboro, NC. Two buildings totaling 5.83 acres under roof and most of the site infrastructure and utilities on 14 acres were demolished. Both buildings contained asbestos and other hazardous materials that required special handling.
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