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Cottesmore Subdivision
WSAA designed Cottesmore Subdivision, a 254 unit mixed use residential subdivision including 1504 LF of 6” waterline, 10521 LF of 8” waterline, and 1395 LF of 12” waterline on 70.76 acre site. Design of roadways, stormdrainage, grading and erosion control throughout the subdivision were within the contract. Watershed design included two new ponds, a bioretention cell and retrofit of an existing farm pond. The project also involved an offsite sanitary sewer extension.
The Woods at Grassy Creek
Ole Jamestown
Bradford Village
Autumn Woods Subdivision
Arbor Ridge Retirement Community
Mendenhall Mill Subdivision
Mendenhall Mill is a 103 lot subdivision located in High Point. Concerned for the environment, the developers chose to minimize the development’s footprint by creating a cluster subdivision rather than utilizing a more traditional lot configuration. As a result roadway water, sewer and stormdrainage lengths were greatly reduced; saving money during construction and reducing future maintenance costs as the infrastructure ages.
Brightwood Crossing Apartments
Brightwood Crossing Apartment Homes is a 424 unit multifamily project built on 20.40 acres in Guilford County. For this project, WSAA designed 861 LF of 6” waterline, 2144 LF of 8” waterline and 193 LF of 12” waterline to both City of Greensboro and City of Burlington standards. The project included amenity areas, 12 bioretention cells, a new divided entrance road, a creek crossing and floodplain permitting.
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